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Kubestack: dynamic jenkins slaves using Kubernetes

In this article I will show KubeStack, a python daemon and command line tool to spin un dynamic Jenkins slaves using Kubernetes:

How to install it KubeStack is currently a POC, so it's not still published as a package. To install it, you can clone from the upper url. KubeStack project is divided on three directories:
ansible: a set of scripts and documentation explaining how to setup a Kubernetes cluster on OpenStackimages: Dockerfile and scripts used to generate Jenkins slavesapp: KubeStack application to interact with Kubernetes and Jenkins To install the KubeStack application, you need to go the the app/kubestack directory, and install the requirements listed on requirements.txt file.
You can run the daemon using:
python kubestack/cmd/ (-d if you don't want as a daemon). 

Also a CLI tool is available on kubestack/cmd/

How to configure KubeStack relies on a configuration file, that lives on /etc/kubestack/confi…