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Generate Fedora Atomic images using diskimage-builder

About Atomic project - Atomic is a lightweight operating system, assembled from RPM content. It is mainly designed to run applications in Docker containers. Hosts based on RHEL, Fedora and CentOS are available with Atomic.
Project Atomic includes the following components: Docker, Kubernetes, rpm-ostree, systemd

What are the advantages of Atomic? Using Atomic distributions limits the patch frequency for administrators. The usage of Docker containers offers a clear path to deliver consistent and fully tested stacks. Containers secured with Linux namespaces, cGroups, and SELinux give isolation close to that of a VM, with much greater flexibility and efficiency.
About diskimage-builder - Diskimage-builder is a tool for building disk images, file system images and ramdisk images. It is the tool used in OpenStack projects to generate base images for deployments and testing.
The problem: An overly-manual pro…