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Configure and measure realtime workers performance on OpenShift

Depending on your workloads, you may want to have workers with realtime kernel in your cluster.
How to configure and how to enroll the nodes into an Openshift cluster is not on the scope of this article, we will assume that you have the worker node up and running with realtime kernel.
Once you have it, how to properly schedule workloads that make use of it?
CPU manager and kubelet static policy - CPU Manager manages groups of CPUs and constrains workloads to specific CPUs. This is useful for several cases, in our case for low-latency applications. In order to enable CPU manager following steps are needed:
Label a node with cpu manager:
# oc label node cpumanager=trueEdit the machineconfigpool worker, and add a label to reference a custom kubelet:
# oc edit machineconfigpool worker metadata: creationTimestamp: 2019-xx-xxx generation: 3 labels: custom-kubelet…